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Child’s Play – November #2 – Guest

Posted by on November 8, 2012

I’m back…….

Today I would like to share with you my Guest layout for the Child’s Play challenge blogs second November challenge…

Classic Movie – The Sound of Music

Ok, now I have a confession to make.. I have never seen this movie! And to be honest the only thing I know about it is that there is a lady (that was the Queen in “Princess Diaries” – Julie Andrews) and she is standing on top of a very green hill with a bunch of kids wearing funny looking clothes (old style, made from curtains possibly.. lol..)

HA— Oh look… I just noticed that everything I know about this movie, is actually on the cover…. Hmmm….. lol..

So…… I do apologise for my ignorance to this challenge, but I promise that before the month is out…. I might think about hiring and watching it…. :)

Anyway, with that all said, I have used the inspiration of “sounds of music” for the theme of my layout….


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This photo was taken December 2008, at Lane’s School Christmas Carols Night.. It was loads of fun listening to each grade sing traditional and fun carols.. I can’t remember exactly which songs were song that night.. But will be asking the school and then adding them into a journaling section on my layout later!

I hope you all enjoy my Guest LO and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in it so you can make your own entry into this challenge..

Don’t forget the first challenge “MY LITTLE PONY” is still open for link up on the Child’s Play challenge blog until the end of the month.. As are ALL of their challenges..
*Click here to see my Guest LO post for “My Little Pony”