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Altered Tea Cup and Saucer – Red Bird Tea Light Holder

Posted by on November 23, 2013

Good evening my friends…
I’ve been home from Fiji for a week and I have to be honest, its actually quite hard NOT saying Bula or V’naka… lol..
We spent 2 weeks making ourselves remember to say Hello and Thankyou in Fijian that now we are home, its hard to turn it off.. lol..

Anyway, I’m here tonight to share with you another of my creations that I made today… As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have been busy.. :)

This creation is my very first Altered Tea Cup… I had SOOOOO MUCH FUN making this!

photo 2 (3)








I honestly had no idea what I was going to do, so I sat down and grabbed the little birdie first off.. From there, everything else just kinda fell into place! I’m so happy!

photo 1 (3)








This is the side view…  It shows the tiny jars of glitter that I made up too…
The birdie is sitting on a chipboard locket thing that I painted, then heat embossed..

photo 2 (2)










Here is a close up of those tiny glitter jars.. Seriously, so cute!
And not one burn this time from the Hot Glue Gun!  Yay me!

photo 3









I would like to thank Megan Angel and Irene Jellett who as always are very support in their comments and for their advice! Its always very much appreciated!!

So I would LOVE to know what you think too!!
Thanks for letting me share this with you.. I’m just so super proud of it! lol..
I have another tea cup and saucer the same, so am thinking of what to do with that one now! :)