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Lasting Memories – #175

Posted by on January 26, 2014

Welcome back friends and family… Tonight, we are home after a HUGE weekend at another of Lane’s swimming carnivals..
Of course, like usual he did GREAT and we are all very proud of him… We look forward to yet another swim carnival next weekend too.. (this will be 3 in a row)..

Anyway, that’s not why I’m on here tonight.. I’m not here to brag about my amazing little swimmer.. Nope, tonight I’m here for ME!

I’m here to share a DT project that I have created with two other blogs in mind also… Its all about the New Years Resolution or ONE WORD for the year…   —- Scrap Challenge Yourself  & Scrap It Girl..

photo 1 (2) I have made this LO on an 8×8″ canvas.. I hope that is ok!!

I decided to make it like this on purpose.. I want to place it next to my bed, so that every morning I can wake to it.. Remind myself of my WORD and to live by the other carefully chosen inspiration words that I have placed around the canvas LO..

photo 4

My WORD for 2014 is YOLO…
You Only Live Once..

To be honest, I’ve always lived by this, but just never knew it had a name until the song came out and gave it an abbreviation.. lol..

photo 5

Last year it was all about getting back to being me.. Finding me again.. Well this year is still to continue that on, but adding in the factor of just never passing anything by, never taking anything for granted..


These set of words the most important to remember..
“always.. be you.. be true.. authentic”




photo 3 (2)


Next is again, another set that I am living by to assist me with finding myself…  Discover Freedom… And the YOLO comes into play with Enjoy Genuine Memories..





photo 2 (3)

I have to remember to give myself permission to be happy and be proud to be me!

I placed a really huge flower underneath the framed photo of me… Yes, that is me!! Crazy white girl dancing at my bff’s wedding in Fiji in November… There is a long story to this… But ultimately, this is me! This is the batshit crazy me! lol..

Final touches were the flowers and butterflies to soften the look and feel.. I’m usually a PINK sort girl, so the blue is quite different for me….

Anyway, I would love for you to go check out these blogs.. Remember this post is a bit different.. Usually when I reveal a DT I send you just to the DT blog.. But today, I want you to check out the other two fun challenge blogs too!!!!
You can create your own ONE WORD layout and enter to these blogs too.. All are due by the weekend.. :)

Lasting Memories
Challenge Yourself
Scrap It Girl

I’m honestly SOOO glad that I found these two other blogs at the start of the week while scrolling thru the ScrapChallenge listings.. It gave me a chance to find some new blogs, some new challenges that I could incorporate into this project while making it too.. I just had to wait (very impatiently though I might add.. lol)   to keep this project unpublished so not to reveal it before the DT challenge opened..  :)