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Altered Paint Brushes

Posted by on February 12, 2014

As you know, I’ve been experimenting with all different types of products to Alter..

Today I’d like to share a couple of Altered Paint Brushes with you.. I have become slightly addicted to these and love making them! They are easy to customise with colours, but so far all the brushes I’ve made are somewhat similar..

photo 1 (3)


These are the brushes that I’ve bought to use… They come in a pack of 4 for only about $6..




photo 2 (23)


The first brush I did, I wanted to make it bright and fun.. So I went for a Sunset feel..
Lots of Reds, Yellows and Oranges..

II decided to keep this one, its actually hanging in my kitchen..


photo 3 (20)













photo 2


The second brush I made up as a swap..



photo 1 (3)