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Lasting Memories #209

Posted by on September 24, 2014

Welcome back friends.. Tonight I’m excited to share with you another DT make for the Lasting Memories challenge blog..
I have been playing “catch up” a little bit lately as I just haven’t really had the urge to craft.. I’ve very much wanted to! I’ve had loads of inspiration! But had trouble actually making anything I liked.. However I am quite pleased with how this one turned out and am happy to share this one with you..

209 – Fall / AUTUMN colours

photo 3

This is what I started out with…. BUUUUUT, just wasn’t feeling it..





photo 2



So I grabbed out some basic cardstock in the pastel theme colours and started again..





photo 1 (3)




The end result resulted in being a nice mixture of the two..  :)

I kept to the pastel colours for this as I really wanted to have a nice “airy” feel to the page.. However the dark brown ribbon helps to harden it just enough to be a boys page..

On the left under the button is my journaling.. The boys made their own little group circle at my nephew’s christening a couple months ago.. It was very cute.. The all loved playing and chatting together.. (there is a couple of them missing from this photo as they were kicking the soccer ball together)..

I love the mixture of flowers and cogs on boys pages.. I don’t care what people say, I love flowers on boy pages.. Then on the right are some scrolled papers.. I’ve seen quite a bit of this technique lately, so it has me thinking, IS IT BACK IN TREND AGAIN?!?

Crafting:  with a sick little man style...  While making this, unfortunately my little man Hunter wasn’t feeling well.. Asthma was hitting hard yesterday! With some temps and loss of appetite too.. Thankfully today is much better and ate enough to catch up for what he missing out on yesterday.. lol..

This is what a rainy school holiday day looks like in our house... One little sick boy (who's Asthma is in full force) and one big brother keeping him happy with their faces deep into the gaming world..  Still in their pj's chilling on the bed... Argh well, at least I got something done in my craft room... :)  Here’s another pic taken earlier in the day.. Lane and Hunter on school holidays with their faces in the games…. APPLE you can be both a saviour and a devil in our house at times.. lol..
Since Hunter was sick, Lane was trying to keep him happy.. Poaring rain outside and it gave me a little time in my craft room.. So I might not be winning any Mother of the Year awards, but I didn’t moan at them like I usually would..

Anyway, don’t forget you have until the end of the week to get your layout in for ALL of this months challenges.. So please drop on over to the Lasting Memories challenge blog for more info and the LINKY.. :)